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La charge fiscale nette des particuliers au Québec et dans les pays du G7 : le Québec est en excellente position et maintes fois champion des réductions fiscales!
Godbout, Luc; St-Cerny, Suzie
Issue Date : 2008-05

China and the Future of Asian Electronics Trade
Gangnes, Byron; Van Assche, Ari
Issue Date : 2008-02

The Choice of Instruments for Environmental Policy: Liability or Regulation?
Boyer, Marcel; Porrini, Donatella
Issue Date : 2002-02

Choice or Mimetism in the Decision to Migrate? A European Illustration
Warin, Thierry; Blakely, Andrew
Issue Date : 2009-08

Choix de consommation des ménages en présence de plusieurs décideurs
Dauphin, Anyck; El Lahga, Abdel-Rahmen; Fortin, Bernard; Lacroix, Guy
Issue Date : 2004-12

Choix social et comités de sélection : le cas du patinage artistique
Truchon, Michel
Issue Date : 2002-11

Les choix technologiques et l'impôt négatif
Amine, Samir; Lages Dos Santos, Pedro
Issue Date : 2011-01

Circuit Breakers and the Tail Index of Equity Returns
Galbraith, John; Zernov, Serguei
Issue Date : 2002-06

City size distribution in China: are large cities dominant?
Xu, Zelai; Zhu, Nong
Issue Date : 2014-01

Claims-Made and Reported Policies and Insurer Profitability in Medical Malpractice
Born, Patricia; Boyer, M. Martin
Issue Date : 2008-05

Claims Reporting and Risk Bearing Moral Hazard in Workers' Compensation : The Canadian Context
Baril, Guylaine; Lanoie, Paul
Issue Date : 1996-01

Cognition in Seemingly Riskless Choices and Judgments
Lévy-Garboua, Louis; Montmarquette, Claude
Issue Date : 1996-01

Cohort Effects and Returns to Seniority in France
Margolis, David N.
Issue Date : 1995-11

Collaboration and contracting out versus funding and support - Impact on the propensity to patent of Canadian biotechnology firms 1999-2005
Beaudry, Catherine
Issue Date : 2011-10

Collusive Allocation of Tradeable Pollution Permits
Long, Ngo Van; Soubeyran, Antoine
Issue Date : 1998-10

Comment améliorer la capacité de généralisation des algorithmes d'apprentissage pour la prise de décisions financières
Chapados, Nicolas; Bengio, Yoshua
Issue Date : 2003-05

Commercial Bankruptcy and Financial Reorganization in Canada
Martel, Jocelyn
Issue Date : 1994-09

Common and Fundamental Factors in Stock Returns of Canadian Oil and Gas Companies
Boyer, M. Martin; Filion, Didier
Issue Date : 2004-12

A Communication Framework Towards Flexible Associations of Business Entities Within Evolving Environments
Ludolph, Hendrik; Babin, Gilbert; Kropf, Peter
Issue Date : 2003-07

Company Flexibility, the Value of Management and Managerial Compensation
Christoffersen, Peter; Pavlov, Andrey
Issue Date : 2003-02

Showing results 111 to 130 of 1074


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