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Serial Cost Sharing in Multidimensional Contexts (May 2002 revised version)
Téjédo, Cyril; Truchon, Michel
Issue Date : 2001-12

Servir les clients avec le sourire : un cadre motivationnel pour mieux prédire les stratégies de régulation émotionnelle
Lépine, Marie-Claude; Cossette, Michel
Issue Date : 2010-09

Session Effects in the Laboratory
Fréchette, Guillaume R.
Issue Date : 2006-11

Set Coverage and Robust Policy
Henry, Marc; Onatski, Alexei
Issue Date : 2011-10

Setting Standards for Credible Compliance and Law Enforcement
Boyer, Marcel; Lewis, Tracy; Liu, Wei Lin
Issue Date : 1996-10

Shame and Guilt in Lancashire: Enforcing Piece Rate Contracts
Huberman, Michael
Issue Date : 1999-03

Sharing Liability Between Banks and Firms: The Case of Industrial Safety Risk
Boyer, Marcel; Porrini, Donatella
Issue Date : 2007-03

Sharing the Cost of Global Warming
Billette de Villemeur, Etienne; Leroux, Justin
Issue Date : 2010-08

Sharp Bounds in the Binary Roy Model
Henry, Marc; Mourifié, Ismae
Issue Date : 2012-02

Short and Long Memory in Equilibrium Interest Rate Dynamics
Duan, Jin-Chuan; Jacobs, Kris
Issue Date : 2001-03

Short Run and Long Run Causality in Time Series: Inference
Dufour, Jean-Marie; Pelletier, Denis; Renault, Éric
Issue Date : 2003-09

Should We Abolish Chapter 11 : Evidence from Canada
Fisher, Timothy C. G.; Martel, Jocelyn
Issue Date : 1996-01

Signaling in Financial Reorganization: Theory and Evidence from Canada
Martel, Jocelyn
Issue Date : 1995-01

A Simple Model of Foreign Brand Penetration with Multi-Product Firms: Non-Monotone Responses to Trade Liberalization
Kikuchi, Toru; Long, Ngo Van
Issue Date : 2011-04

A Simple Model of Performance-enhancing Goals
Léonard, Daniel; Long, Ngo Van; Soubeyran, Antoine
Issue Date : 2006-11

A Simple Test of Learning Theory
Engle-Warnick, Jim; Hopkins, Ed
Issue Date : 2006-12

Simulation Based Finite and Large Sample Tests in Multivariate Regressions
Dufour, Jean-Marie; Khalaf, Lynda
Issue Date : 2000-05

Simulation-Based Finite-Sample Tests for Heteroskedasticity and ARCH Effects
Bernard, Jean-Thomas; Dufour, Jean-Marie; Genest, Ian; Khalaf, Lynda
Issue Date : 2001-04

Simulation Based Inference in Moving Average Models
Ghysels, Eric; Khalaf, Lynda; Vodounou, Cosme
Issue Date : 1994-10

Simultaneous Allocation of Bundled Goods Through Auctions: Assessing the Case for Joint Bidding
Rondeau, Daniel; Courty, Pascal; Doyon, Maurice
Issue Date : 2013-09

Showing results 894 to 913 of 1074


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