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Game Theoretic Analysis of Negotiations under Bankruptcy
Annabi, Amira; Breton, Michèle; François, Pascal
Issue Date : 2011-06

GARCH for Irregularly Spaced Data: The ACD-GARCH Model
Ghysels, Eric; Jasiak, Joanna
Issue Date : 1997-02

Gas Prices Variations and Urban Sprawl: an Empirical Analysis of the 12 Largest Canadian Metropolitan Areas
Tanguay, Georges A.; Gingras, Ian
Issue Date : 2011-04

The Gender and Poverty Impacts of Trade Liberalization in Senegal
Cockburn, John; Corong, Erwin; Decaluwé, Bernard; Fofana, Ismaël; Robichaud, Véronique
Issue Date : 2010-03

Gender Composition and Wages: Why Is Canada Different from the United States?
Baker, Michael; Fortin, Nicole M.
Issue Date : 1998-11

Gender differences in socioeconomic inequalities in health: Trends in the Canadian population 1994-2003. Conference for New Researchers, McGill University, february 2007
Luchenski, Serena
Issue Date : 2007-02

Gender Gap in Dropping out of High School: Evidence from the Canadian NLSCY Youth
Lefebvre, Pierre; Merrigan, Philip
Issue Date : 2010-11

General Assembly / Assemblée générale annuelle
Issue Date : 2020-02-04

A General Equilibrium Analysis of the Evolution of the Canadian Service Productivity
Mohnen, Pierre; Raa, Thijs Ten
Issue Date : 1997-11

General Equilibrium Effects of Green Technological Progress
Long, Ngo Van; Staehler, Frank
Issue Date : 2014-02

A Generalized Asymmetric Student-t Distribution with Application to Financial Econometrics
Zhu, Dongming; Galbraith, John
Issue Date : 2009-04

A Generalized Portmanteau Test for Independence of Two Infinite Order Vector Autoregressive Series
Bouhaddioui, Chafik; Roy, Roch
Issue Date : 2004-02

Génération Internet : la prochaine grande génération
Paré, Guy
Issue Date : 2001-12

Genetics and Life Insurance: A Comparative Analysis
Lemmens, Trudo; Joly, Yann; Knoppers, Bartha Maria
Issue Date : 2004

Genetics and Life Insurance in Canada: Points to Consider
Knoppers, Bartha Maria; Lemmens, Trudo; Joly, Yann; Godard, Béatrice; Avard, Denise; Clark, Teren; Hamet, Pavel; Hoy, Michael; Lanctôt, Sébastien; Lowden, Sandy; Martin, Huguette; Maugard, Christine; Millette, Yves; Simard, Jacques; Vachon, Marie-Hélène; Zinatelli, Frank
Issue Date : 2003

Génétique et assurance vie : analyse comparative
Lemmens, Trudo; Joly, Yann; Knoppers, Bartha Maria
Issue Date : 2004

Geographical Indication Regulation and Intra-Trade in the European Union
Sorgho, Zakaria; Larue, Bruno
Issue Date : 2014-01

Georgian Archival Project - Progress Report for CHA Bulletin
Rhinelander, Tony
Issue Date : 2020-01-31

German legislation with special emphasis on co-operative groups
Münkner, Hans-H.
Issue Date : 2006-03

La gestion des identités culturelles dans la mondialisation
Canet, Raphaël
Issue Date : 2004-03

Showing results 2125 to 2144 of 5632


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