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Title: Better Together. Management, morals and co-operation in times of globalisation
Authors: Münkner, Hans-H.
Issue Date: 2006-01
Publisher: ARUC-ÉS
Series/Report no.: ;C-02-2006
Abstract: In this paper, the author reacts to strong public criticism of managers of large corporations and international conglomerates, which announce high profits and at the same time massive lay-offs of workers. Managers a accused of lacking ethical standards and the right training or blame inadequate legal framework conditions and wrong policies allowing capital to dominate labour. The effects of worldwide co-operation among enterprises on the thinking and action of many managers are discussed and models of investor-driven conglomerates are compared with user-driven co-operation typical for social economy and co-operative enterprises, which are presented as examples of value-based management, from which enterprises focussed on short term increase of shareholder value could learn.
ISBN: 2-89276-394-0
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