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Title: Plugged into North America : Hydro-Québec in an Integrated Continental Energy Sector
Authors: Talbot, Jean-François
Issue Date: 2007-02
Publisher: Centre d'études et de recherches internationales
Series/Report no.: Rapports et notes de recherche du CERIUM
Abstract: This note looks at the energy picture in North America and, more specifically, at the electricity sector. The aim is to paint a picture of Québec's place in this North American energy market by focusing on electricity, and see the challenges it faces and to compare with other provinces and states. First, it reviews the North American energy market, focusing on major changes, such as the introduction of NAFTA, and the deregulation of the energy sector, both at the domestic and interna¬tional level. Second, it presents an overview of Québec's energy sector to see how it distinguishes itself from that of the rest of Canada and to compare it with the situation in the United States, both in terms of production and consumption of energy. Third, the focus turns to how Hydro-Québec has evolved to meet these challenges and what Québec's electricity giant can expect in the future.
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