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Vacation Leave, Work Hours and Wages: New Evidence from Linked Employer-Employee Data
Fakih, Ali
Issue Date : 2014-09

Valorisation d'options par optimisation du Sharpe Ratio
Bardou, Olivier; Bengio, Yoshua; Chapados, Nicolas; Ducharme, Réjean
Issue Date : 2002-05

The Valuation Effect of Listing Requirements: An Analysis of Venture Capital-Backed IPOs
Carpentier, Cécile; Cumming, Douglas; Suret, Jean-Marc
Issue Date : 2010-01

The Valuation of American Options on Multiple Assets
Broadie, Mark; Detemple, Jérôme B.
Issue Date : 1994-09

The Valuation of Volatility Options
Detemple, Jérôme B.; Osakwe, Carlton
Issue Date : 1999-11

Value creation, risk management, and real options
Boyer, Marcel; Christoffersen, Peter; Lasserre, Pierre; Pavlov, Andrey
Issue Date : 2003-03

The Value of Capital Market Regulation: IPOs versus Reverse Mergers
Carpentier, Cécile; Cumming, Douglas; Suret, Jean-Marc
Issue Date : 2009-04

The Value of Multivariate Model Sophistication: An Application to pricing Dow Jones Industrial Average Options
Rombouts, Jeroen; Stentoft, Lars Peter; Violente, Francesco
Issue Date : 2012-02

The Value of Real and Financial Risk Management
Boyer, Marcel; Boyer, M. Martin; Garcia, René
Issue Date : 2005-12

Venez voir de quel bois je me chauffe! Portrait d'une industrie en transformation basée sur une ressource renouvelable et écologique
Laberge, Mathieu; Monahan, Pierre
Issue Date : 2009-08

Vertical Integration, Foreclosure and Profits in the Presence of Double Marginalisation
Gaudet, Gérard; Long, Ngo Van
Issue Date : 1995-09

Vertical R&D Spillovers, Cooperation, Market Structure, and Innovation
Atallah, Gamal
Issue Date : 2000-11

Une vision de la prise de décision rationnelle et irrationnelle, un construit individuel et collectif
Van Hoorebeke, Delphine
Issue Date : 2013-05

Vocationalization in the research intensive university
Crespo, Manuel; Dridi, Houssine; Lecomte, Marie
Issue Date : 2013-06

VoIP Regulation in Canada
Boyer, Marcel; Mercier, Catherine
Issue Date : 2005-11

Voluntary Contributions to a Public Good: Non-neutrality Results
Long, Ngo Van; Shimomura, Koji
Issue Date : 2006-10

Voluntary Contributions to Reduce Expected Public Losses
Keser, Claudia; Montmarquette, Claude
Issue Date : 2002-06

Voluntary Teaming and Effort
Keser, Claudia; Montmarquette, Claude
Issue Date : 2004-11

Wage Flexibility and Contract Structure in Germany
Vilhuber, Lars
Issue Date : 1996-10

Wage Policy of Firms: An Empirical Investigation
Lluis, Stéphanie
Issue Date : 2001-08

Showing results 1023 to 1042 of 1074


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