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SAFIR: A Simple API for Financial Information Requests
Chapados, Nicolas
Issue Date : 2003-05

Santé : pour des changements en profondeur
Castonguay, Claude
Issue Date : 2007-05

Saving Decisions of the Working Poor: Short-and Long-Term Horizons
Eckel, Catherine; Johnson, Cathleen; Montmarquette, Claude
Issue Date : 2004-09

Seasonal Adjustment and Volatility Dynamics
Ghysels, Eric; Granger, Clive W.J.; Siklos, Pierre L.
Issue Date : 1997-11

Seasonal Nonstationarity and Near-Nonstationarity
Ghysels, Eric; Osborn, Denise R.; Rodrigues, Paulo M. M.
Issue Date : 1999-02

Seasonal Time Series and Autocorrelation Function Estimation
Bell, William R.; Ghysels, Eric; Lee, Hahn Shik
Issue Date : 1997-10

Seasoned Equity Offerings by Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
Carpentier, Cécile; L'Her, Jean-François; Suret, Jean-Marc
Issue Date : 2010-01

Le secteur privé dans un système de santé public : France et Pays Nordiques
Boyer, Marcel
Issue Date : 2008-02

Sector-Specific On-the-Job Training: Evidence from U.S. Data
Vilhuber, Lars
Issue Date : 1997-11

Sector-Specific Training and Mobility in Germany
Vilhuber, Lars
Issue Date : 1999-02

Selection of the number of factors in presence of structural instability: a Monte Carlo study
Stevanovic, Dalibor
Issue Date : 2014-12

Selective Penalization Of Polluters: An Inf-Convolution Approach
Long, Ngo Van; Soubeyran, Antoine
Issue Date : 2002-04

Self-Employment and The Intergenerational Transmission of Human Capital
Colombier, Nathalie; Masclet, David
Issue Date : 2006-09

A Semi-Parametric Factor Model for Interest Rates
Ghysels, Eric; Ng, Serena
Issue Date : 1996-07

A Semi-Parametric Factor Model of Interest Rates and Tests of the Affine Term Structure
Ghysels, Eric; Ng, Serena
Issue Date : 1997-10

Semiparametric Innovation-Based Tests of Orthogonality and Causality Between Two Infinite-Order Cointegrated Ceries with Application to Canada/US Monetary Interactions
Bouhaddioui, Chafik; Dufour, Jean-Marie
Issue Date : 2011-02

Semi-Parametric Weak Instrument Regressions with an Application to the Risk-Return Trade-off
Perron, Benoit
Issue Date : 2002-11

Semi-Stationary Equilibrium in Leader-Follower Games
Long, Ngo Van; Shimomura, Koji
Issue Date : 2000-02

Sequential Auctions with Multi-Unit Demand: Theory, Experiments and Simulations
Montmarquette, Claude; Robert, Jacques
Issue Date : 1999-11

Sequential Location Equilibria Under Incomplete Information
Boyer, Marcel; Laffont, Jean-Jacques; Mahenc, Philippe; Moreaux, Michel
Issue Date : 1994-11

Showing results 874 to 893 of 1074


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