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Calibration and Resolution Diagnostics for Bank of England Density Forecasts
Galbraith, John; van Norden, Simon
Issue Date : 2009-08

The Calibration of Probabilistic Economic Forecasts
Galbraith, John; van Norden, Simon
Issue Date : 2008-11

Canada's Dairy Supply Management: Comprehensive Review and Outlook for the Future
Doyon, Maurice
Issue Date : 2011-10

The Canadian Public Venture Capital Market
Carpentier, Cécile; Suret, Jean-Marc
Issue Date : 2009-04

Canadian Securities Regulation: Issues And Challenges
Suret, Jean-Marc; Carpentier, Cécile
Issue Date : 2003-08

Can Capital Markets Create Incentives for Pollution Control?
Lanoie, Paul; Laplante, Benoit; Roy, Maité
Issue Date : 1997-02

Can Corruption Be Studied in the Lab? Comparing a Field and a Lab Experiment
Armantier, Olivier; Boly, Amadou
Issue Date : 2008-09

Can Financial Intermediation Induce Economic Fluctuations?
Banerji, Sanjay; Long, Ngo Van
Issue Date : 2000-11

Can the Theory of Incentives Explain Decentralization?
Poitevin, Michel
Issue Date : 2000-09

Capacity Commitment Versus Flexibility: The Technological Choice Nexus in a Strategic Context
Boyer, Marcel; Moreaux, Michel
Issue Date : 1995-01

Capital-Labor Substitution, Structural Change and Growth
Alvarez-Cuadrado, Francisco; Long, Ngo Van
Issue Date : 2011-11

Capital Labor Substitution, Structural Change, and the Labor Income Share
Alvarez-Cuadrado, Francisco; Long, Ngo Van; Poschke, Markus
Issue Date : 2014-01

Capital Structure and Risk Management
Gobert, Karine
Issue Date : 2001-09

CAPM, Components of Beta and the Cross Section of Expected Returns
Cenesizoglu, Tolga; Reeves, Jonathan J.
Issue Date : 2013-04

Carbon Credits for Forests and Forest Products
Cairns, Robert C.; Lasserre, Pierre
Issue Date : 2001-02

Career Concerns of Top Executives, Managerial Ownership and CEO Succession
Boyer, M. Martin; Molina, Hernan Ortiz
Issue Date : 2004-05

Career Starts and the Male-Female Wage Gap
Havet, Nathalie; Lacroix, Guy
Issue Date : 2003-09

The Causal Effect of High School Employment on Educational Attainment in Canada
Parent, Daniel
Issue Date : 2002-04

The CCCTB option an experimental study
Keser, Claudia; Kimpel, Gerrit; Oestreicher, Andreas
Issue Date : 2014-04

La charge fiscale nette des particuliers au Québec et dans les pays du G7 : le Québec est en excellente position et maintes fois champion des réductions fiscales!
Godbout, Luc; St-Cerny, Suzie
Issue Date : 2008-05

Showing results 92 to 111 of 1074


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