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Title: Canada's Dairy Supply Management: Comprehensive Review and Outlook for the Future
Authors: Doyon, Maurice
Issue Date: 2011-10
Publisher: Centre interuniversitaire de recherche en analyse des organisations (CIRANO)
Series/Report no.: Pour discussion... (CIRANO);2011DT-01
For discussion... (CIRANO);2011DT-01
Abstract: Depuis ses débuts dans la politique agricole canadienne, la gestion des approvisionnements dans le secteur laitier a suscité l'intérêt de divers intervenants. L'approche se concentre sur l'examen de la politique laitière du Canada au sein de laquelle nous espérons entamer un dialogue constructif entre les parties prenantes de l'industrie laitière canadienne et déclencher des changements positifs.

Since its inception in the Canadian agricultural policy landscape, supply management in the dairy sector has generated interest from various stakeholders. The system has been severely criticized by opponents and strongly defended by proponents, both within and outside of Canada. There is no doubt that changes to supply management may be difficult to achieve, especially from a political point of view. Nevertheless, our assessment is that dairy supply management needs to take further steps to improve its flexibility and efficiency. The approach focuses on an examination of Canada's dairy policy from within which will hopefully initiate a constructive dialogue among stakeholders of the Canadian dairy industry and trigger positive changes.
ISSN: 1914-0053 (imprimé)/1914-0061 (numérique)
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