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A Banker's Perspective on the Financial Crisis
Amzallag, Robert; Magnan, Michel; Campbell, Bryan
Issue Date : 2009-01

Bank Leverage Regulation and Macroeconomic Dynamics
Christensen, Ian; Meh, Césaire; Moran, Kevi
Issue Date : 2011-12

Bank Leverage Shocks and the Macroeconomy: a New Look in a Data-Rich Environment
Mésonnier, Jean-Stéphane; Stevanovic, Dalibor
Issue Date : 2012-09

Bankruptcy Cost, Financial Structure and Technological Flexibility Choices
Boyer, Marcel; Jacques, Armel; Moreaux, Michel
Issue Date : 2001-04

Banks as Insurance Referral Agents? The Convergence of Financial Services: Evidence from the Title Insurance Industry
Boyer, M. Martin; Nyce, Charles M.
Issue Date : 2002-09

Bargaining with Linked Disagreement Points
Leroux, Justin; Marrouch, Walid
Issue Date : 2011-02

Bayesian Inference for Periodic Regime-Switching Models
Ghysels, Eric; McCulloch, Robert E.; Tsay, Ruey S.
Issue Date : 1994-01

Bayesian Option Pricing Using Mixed Normal Heteroskedasticity Models
Rombouts, Jeroen; Stentoft, Lars Peter
Issue Date : 2009-05

The Behavior of the Maximum Likelihood Estimator of Dynamic Panel Data Sample Selection Models
Raymond, Wladimir; Mohnen, Pierre; Palm, Franz; van der Loeff, Sybrand Schim
Issue Date : 2007-03

Better Observability Promotes the Adoption of More Flexible Technologies
Boyer, Marcel; Jacques, Armel; Moreaux, Michel
Issue Date : 1998-11

Beyond Panel Unit Root Tests: Using Multiple Testing to Determine the Non Stationarity Properties of Individual Series in a Panel
Moon, Hyungsik Roger; Perron, Benoit
Issue Date : 2011-02

Bonification du RRQ - Mirage ou solution à privilégier
Latulippe, Denis
Issue Date : 2013-01

The Bootstrap of the Mean for Dependent Heterogeneous Arrays
Gonçalves, Sílvia; White, Halbert
Issue Date : 2001-03

Bootstrapping Autoregressions with Conditional Heteroskedasticity of Unknown Form
Gonçalves, Sílvia; Kilian, Lutz
Issue Date : 2003-04

Bootstrapping the GMM overidentification test Under first-order underidentification
Dovonon, Prosper; Gonçalves, Sílvia
Issue Date : 2014-04

Bubbles and Experience: An Experiment with a Steady Inflow of New Traders
Xie, Huan; Zhang, Jipeng
Issue Date : 2012-01

Budget Processes: Theory and Experimental Evidence
Ehrhart, Karl-Martin; Gardner, Roy; Hagen, Jürgen von; Keser, Claudia
Issue Date : 1999-10

The Build-up of Cooperative Behavior among Non-cooperative Agents
Benchekroun, Hassan; Long, Ngo Van
Issue Date : 2006-10

Business Angels' Perspectives on Exit by Ipo
Carpentier, Cécile; Suret, Jean-Marc
Issue Date : 2014-02

Bypassing the Financial Growth Cycle: Evidence from Capital Pool Companies
Carpentier, Cécile; Suret, Jean-Marc
Issue Date : 2004-09

Showing results 72 to 91 of 1074


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