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Heterogeneous Expectations, Short Sales Regulation and the Risk Return Relationship
L'Her, Jean-François; Suret, Jean-Marc
Issue Date : 1995-05

Heterogeneous Returns to Human Capital and Dynamic Self-Selection
Belzil, Christian; Hansen, Jörgen
Issue Date : 2001-02

Heterogeneous Treatment and Self-Selection in a Wage Subsidy Experiment
Brouillette, Dany; Lacroix, Guy
Issue Date : 2010-05

Higher Moment Estimators for Linear Regression Models With Errors in the Variables
Dagenais, Denyse L.; Dagenais, Marcel
Issue Date : 1995-03

High-Wage Workers and High-Wage Firms
Abowd, John M.; Kramarz, Francis; Margolis, David N.
Issue Date : 1994-11

Hope against Hope: Persistent Canadian Unions in the Interwar Years
Huberman, Michael; Young, Denise
Issue Date : 2000-09

Horizon Effect in the Term Structure of Long-Run Risk-Return Trade-Offs
Okou, Cédric; Jacquier, Éric
Issue Date : 2014-07

How and Why do Investors Trade Votes, and What Does it Mean?
Christoffersen, Susan E. K.; Geczy, Christopher C.; Musto, David K.; Reed, Adam V.
Issue Date : 2004-05

How cost-effective are Canadian IPO markets?
Suret, Jean-Marc; Kooli, Maher
Issue Date : 2002-10

How Did Ontario Pulp and Paper Producers Respond to Effluent Regulations, 1985-89?
Fearnley, Joan; Lanoie, Paul; Thomas, Mark
Issue Date : 1996-10

How Do Young People Choose College Majors ?
Cannings, Kathy; Mahseredjian, Sophie; Montmarquette, Claude
Issue Date : 1997-11

How Innovative Are Canadian Firms Compared to Some European Firms? A Comparative Look at Innovation Surveys
Mohnen, Pierre; Therrien, Pierre
Issue Date : 2001-09

How Large is Your Reference Group
Gardes, François; Montmarquette, Claude
Issue Date : 2002-11

Human Capital Investment by the Poor: Informing Policy with Laboratory and Field Experiments
Eckel, Catherine; Johnson, Cathleen; Montmarquette, Claude
Issue Date : 2010-08

Hypergame Analysis in E-Commerce: A Preliminary Report
Leclerc, Maxime; Chaib-draa, Brahim
Issue Date : 2002-07

Identification-robust estimation and testing of the zero-beta CAPM
Beaulieu, Marie-Claude; Dufour, Jean-Marie; Khalaf, Lynda
Issue Date : 2011-02

Identification-robust inference for endogeneity parameters in linear structural models
Doko Tchatoka, Firmin; Dufour, Jean-Marie
Issue Date : 2014-02

An Identification-Robust Test for Time-Varying Parameters in the Dynamics of Energy Prices
Beaulieu, Marie-Claude; Dufour, Jean-Marie; Khalaf, Lynda; Kichian, Maral
Issue Date : 2011-02

Identification, Weak Instruments and Statistical Inference in Econometrics
Dufour, Jean-Marie
Issue Date : 2003-07

Identifying Banking Crises Using Money Market Pressure: New Evidence For A Large Set of Countries
Jing , Zhongbo; de Haan , Jakob; Jacobs, Jan P. A. M.; Yang, Haizhen
Issue Date : 2013-10

Showing results 460 to 479 of 1074


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