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Finite-Sample Simulation-Based Inference in VAR Models with Applications to Order Selection and Causality Testing
Dufour, Jean-Marie; Jouini, Tarek
Issue Date : 2005-08

Firm Heterogeneity and Worker Self-Selection Bias Estimated Returns to Seniority
Margolis, David N.
Issue Date : 1995-01

Firm-Sponsored Classroom Training: Is It Worth It For Older Workers?
Dostie, Benoit; Léger, Pierre Thoma
Issue Date : 2011-11

Fiscalité et offre de travail : une étude expérimentale
Lévy-Garboua, Louis; Masclet, David; Montmarquette, Claude
Issue Date : 2005-04

Five Indefinitely Repeated Games in the Laboratory
Engle-Warnick, Jim
Issue Date : 2007-05

Fixed Wages, Piece Rates, and Intertemporal Productivity: A Study of Tree Planters in British Columbia
Paarsch, Harry J.; Shearer, Bruce S.
Issue Date : 1997-01

Forecasting Expected Shortfall with a Generalized Asymmetric Student-t Distribution
Zhu, Dongming; Galbraith, John
Issue Date : 2009-05

Forecasting financial volatility with combined QML and LAD-ARCH estimators of the GARCH model
Cheung, Liam; Galbraith, John
Issue Date : 2013-07

Forecasting Non-Stationary Volatility with Hyper-Parameters
Bengio, Yoshua; Dugas, Charles
Issue Date : 2002-05

Forecasting Some Low-Predictability Time Series Using Diffusion Indices
Brisson, Marc; Campbell, Bryan; Galbraith, John
Issue Date : 2001-07

Forest Management: are Double or Mixed Rotations Desirable?
Khazri, Olfa; Lasserre, Pierre
Issue Date : 2008-07

La formation continue, un moyen de réduire les inégalités salariales entre hommes et femmes?
Havet, Nathalie; Lacroix, Guy
Issue Date : 2010-04

Fragmentation, Outsourcing and the Service Sector
Long, Ngo Van; Riezman, Ray; Soubeyran, Antoine
Issue Date : 2001-06

From one crisis to another: a banker's perspective
Amzallag, Robert
Issue Date : 2012-01

GARCH for Irregularly Spaced Data: The ACD-GARCH Model
Ghysels, Eric; Jasiak, Joanna
Issue Date : 1997-02

Gas Prices Variations and Urban Sprawl: an Empirical Analysis of the 12 Largest Canadian Metropolitan Areas
Tanguay, Georges A.; Gingras, Ian
Issue Date : 2011-04

Gender Composition and Wages: Why Is Canada Different from the United States?
Baker, Michael; Fortin, Nicole M.
Issue Date : 1998-11

A General Equilibrium Analysis of the Evolution of the Canadian Service Productivity
Mohnen, Pierre; Raa, Thijs Ten
Issue Date : 1997-11

General Equilibrium Effects of Green Technological Progress
Long, Ngo Van; Staehler, Frank
Issue Date : 2014-02

A Generalized Asymmetric Student-t Distribution with Application to Financial Econometrics
Zhu, Dongming; Galbraith, John
Issue Date : 2009-04

Showing results 426 to 445 of 1074


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