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Exact skewness-kurtosis tests for multivariate normality and goodness-of-fit in multivariate regressions with application to asset pricing models
Dufour, Jean-Marie; Khalaf, Lynda; Beaulieu, Marie-Claude
Issue Date : 2003-03

Exact Tests for Contemporaneous Correlation of Disturbances in Seemingly Unrelated Regressions
Dufour, Jean-Marie; Khalaf, Lynda
Issue Date : 2000-05

Ex Ante Incentives and Ex Post Flexibility
Boyer, Marcel; Robert, Jacques
Issue Date : 1996-04

Excess Sensitivity and Asymmetries in Consumption: An Empirical Investigation
Garcia, René; Lusardi, Annamaria; Ng, Serena
Issue Date : 1995-02

Exchange Rate Fluctuations and Labour Market Adjustments in Canadian Manufacturing Industries
Bruneau, Gabriel; Moran, Kevin
Issue Date : 2012-06

Exchange rates and commodity prices: measuring causality at multiple horizons
Zhang , Hui Jun; Dufour, Jean-Marie; Galbraith, John
Issue Date : 2013-10

Exchange Rates and Order Flow in the Long Run
Boyer, M. Martin; van Norden, Simon
Issue Date : 2006-05

Existence and Uniqueness of Cournot Equilibrium: A Contraction Mapping Approach
Long, Ngo Van; Soubeyran, Antoine
Issue Date : 1999-06

Experimental Economics: A Revolution in Understanding Behaviour
Engle-Warnick, Jim; Laszlo, Sonia
Issue Date : 2008-04

Experimental Investigation of Supplier-Retailer Contracts: The Wholesale Price Contract
Keser, Claudia; Paleologo, Giuseppe A.
Issue Date : 2004-11

An Experimental Study of a Common Property Renewable Resource Game in Continuous Time
Benchekroun, Hassan; Engle-Warnick, Jim; Tasneem, Dina
Issue Date : 2014-01

An experimental study of trading volume and divergence of expectations in relation to earnings announcement
Dinh, Thanh Huong; Gajewski, Jean-François
Issue Date : 2007-11

An Experimental Test of Taylor-Type Rules with Inexperienced Central Bankers
Engle-Warnick, Jim; Turdaliev, Nurlan
Issue Date : 2006-05

Experimenting with Gnutella Communities
Babin, Gilbert; Jouve, Thierry; Kropf, Peter; Vaucher, Jean
Issue Date : 2002-05

Experiments on the Application of IOHMMs to Model Financial Returns Series
Bengio, Yoshua; Ducharme, Réjean; Lauzon, Vincent-Philippe
Issue Date : 2002-05

Explaining Sales Pay Strategy Using Agency, Transaction Cost and Resource Dependence Theories
Balkin, David B.; Côté, Jérôme; Tremblay, Michel
Issue Date : 1998-01

Exploring Time-Varying Jump Intensities: Evidence from S&P500 Returns and Options
Christoffersen, Peter; Jacobs, Kris; Ornthanalai, Chayawat
Issue Date : 2009-08

Les Expos, l'OSM, les universités, les hôpitaux : Le coût d'un déficit de 400 000 emplois au Québec = Expos, Montreal Symphony Orchestra, Universities, Hospitals: The Cost of a 400,000-Job Shortfall in Québec
Boyer, Marcel
Issue Date : 1999-04

Extracting Several Resource Deposits of Unknown Size: Optimal Order
Kemp, Murray C.; Long, Ngo Van
Issue Date : 2007-04

Extracting Value From Information Technologies
Aubert, Benoit A.; Reich, Blaize Horner
Issue Date : 2009-03

Showing results 386 to 405 of 1074


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