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Habit Formation: A Kind of Prudence?
Seckin, Aylin
Issue Date : 2000-10

Habit formation and the persistence of monetary shocks
Bouakez, Hafedh; Cardia, Emanuela; Ruge-Murcia, Francisco J.
Issue Date : 2002

Habit Formation with Recursive Preferences
Seckin, Aylin
Issue Date : 2000-10

Harnessing the Power of Focal Points To Measure Social Agreement
Engle-Warnick, Jim; Soroka, Stuart
Issue Date : 2009-08

"Have Doctorate will travel " : Reflections on life as an Itinerant history professor
Krats, Peter V.
Issue Date : 2020-01-29

H-Canada est née
Issue Date : 2020-02-05

Health and Acces Effects of New Drugs: Combining Experimental and Non-Experimental Data
Michaud, Pierre-Carl; Lakdawalla, Darius; Goldman, Dana; Sood, Neeraj; Cong, Ze
Issue Date : 2010-09

Health and Income: a Robust Comparison of Canada and the US
Duclos, Jean-Yves; Échevin, Damien
Issue Date : 2009-03

Healthcare and Welfare Reforms in the United States and Canada in the 1990s : Description and Evaluation
Vaillancourt, François; Rault, Stéphanie; Brosseau, Jean Philippe
Issue Date : 2006-10-04

Health Care Workers' Risk Perceptions of Personal and Work Activities and Willingness to Report for Work During an Influenza Pandemic
Dionne, Georges; Desjardins, Denise; Lebeau, Martin; Messier, Stéphane; Dascal, André
Issue Date : 2014-03

Health Club Attendance, Expectations and Self-Control
Garon, Jean-Denis; Masse, Alix; Michaud, Pierre-Carl
Issue Date : 2013-07

Help! There’s a Beowulf after my Mouse!
Issue Date : 2020-01-31

Heterogeneous Basket Options Pricing Using Analytical Approximations
Dionne, Georges; Gauthier, Geneviève; Ouertani, Nadia; Tahani, Nabil
Issue Date : 2006-02

Heterogeneous Befiefs and the Choice Between Private Restructuring and Formal Bankruptcy
François, Pascal; Raviv, Alon
Issue Date : 2014-01

Heterogeneous Expectations, Short Sales Regulation and the Risk Return Relationship
L'Her, Jean-François; Suret, Jean-Marc
Issue Date : 1995-05

Heterogeneous Productivity in Voluntary Public Good Provision: An Experimental Analysis
Fellner, Gerlinde; Iida, Yoshio; Kröger, Sabine; Seki, Erika
Issue Date : 2010-07

Heterogeneous Returns to Human Capital and Dynamic Self-Selection
Belzil, Christian; Hansen, Jörgen
Issue Date : 2001-02

Heterogeneous Treatment and Self-Selection in a Wage Subsidy Experiment
Brouillette, Dany; Lacroix, Guy
Issue Date : 2010-05

Higher Moment Estimators for Linear Regression Models With Errors in the Variables
Dagenais, Denyse L.; Dagenais, Marcel
Issue Date : 1995-03

Highlights of the Annual Meeting / Faits saillants du congrès annuel
Issue Date : 2020-02-05

Showing results 2249 to 2268 of 5632


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