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Situating Québec in global environmental history
Piper, Liza; Bower, Shannon Stunden; Gervais, Stephan
Issue Date : 2020-01-22

La situation de l'avortement aux États-Unis : le contexte juridique national et les politiques restrictives dans les États
Martin, Pierre; Primeau, Marie-Douce
Issue Date : 2006-12

Situation de l’économie populaire en contexte de précarité - L’expérience sénégalaise
Ndiaye, Sambou
Issue Date : 2007-11

The situation for the recent history graduates : The job market, rethinking the idea of « Plan B», and some ideas for the future
Milligan, Ian
Issue Date : 2020-01-15

The Sixth International Conference - Rethinking Marxism
Gheller, Frantz
Issue Date : 2006-11

Size, Book-to-Market Ratio and Macroeconomic News
Cenesizoglu, Tolga
Issue Date : 2010-09

Size Matters: The Impact of Capital Market Liberalization on Individual Firms
Christoffersen, Peter; Chung, Hyunchul; Errunza, Vihang
Issue Date : 2003-04

Skills Required for Innovation: A Review of the Literature
Hanel, Petr
Issue Date : 2008-02

Slave Prices from Succession and Bankruptcy Sales in Mauritius, 1825--1827
Chenny, Shirley; St-Amour, Pascal; Vencatachellum, Désiré
Issue Date : 2002-09

The Smart Border Accord and the Schengen Agreement: A Comparative Analysis of Security Policies
Tanguay, Georges A.; Therrien , Marie-Christine
Issue Date : 2010-10

Snow Removal Auctions in Montreal: Costs, Informational Rents, and Procurement Management
Flambard, Véronique; Lasserre, Pierre; Mohnen, Pierre
Issue Date : 2004-12

Social Choice, Optimal Inference and Figure Skating
Gordon, Stephen; Truchon, Michel
Issue Date : 2007-02

Social Classes, Inequality and Redistributive Policies in Canada
Araar, Abdelkrim
Issue Date : 2008

The Social Control of Crime
Cusson, Maurice
Issue Date : 1986

The Social Economy: Diverse approaches and practices in Europe and Canada
Laville, Jean-Louis; Lévesque, Benoît; Mendell, Marguerite
Issue Date : 2006-11

Social/Educational/Recreational Activities at the Annual Meeting in Kingston
Issue Date : 2020-02-11

Social enterprises in OECD Member Countries: What are the financial streams?
Mendell, Marguerite; Nogales, Rocio
Issue Date : 2008-09

Social Exchange and Risk and Ambiguity Preferences
Engle, John; Engle-Warnick, Jim; Laszlo, Sonia
Issue Date : 2011-05

Social Inclusion of Young People in the Labor Market. The Case of La TOHU in Montreal
Angulo Baudin, Wilfredo
Issue Date : 2016-07

Social Innovation and Governance in Public Management Systems: Limits of NPM and search for alternatives?
Lévesque, Benoît
Issue Date : 2012-03

Showing results 5018 to 5037 of 5624


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