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Is China Catching up Human Health-related Applications of Biotechnology?
Hanel, Petr
Issue Date : 2014-03

Is Emulation Good for You? The Ups and Downs of Rivalry
Léonard, Daniel; Long, Ngo Van
Issue Date : 2008-01

Is Global Social Welfare Incrasing? a Critical-level Enquiry
Cockburn, John; Duclos, Jean-Yves; Zabsonré, Agnès
Issue Date : 2014-06

Is Our World Going to Get a Whole Lot Smaller?
Gangnes, Byron; Ma, Alyson C.; Van Assche, Ari
Issue Date : 2011-02

Is Seasonal Adjustment a Linear or Nonlinear Data Filtering Process?
Ghysels, Eric; Granger, Clive W.J.; Siklos, Pierre L.
Issue Date : 1995-03

Issues on Integrating Real and Financial Decisions
Mirman, Leonard J.; Salgueiro, Egas M.; Santugini, Marc
Issue Date : 2013-09

Is Temporary Emigration of Unskilled Workers a Solution to the Child Labor Problem ?
Dessy, Sylvain; Rambeloma, Tiana
Issue Date : 2010-09

Is the child mortality important : Reproductive decisions, strategies and outcomes in Senegal
Randall, Sara Claire; Legrand, Thomas K.
Issue Date : 2000

Is the Demand for Corporate Insurance a Habit? Evidence from Directors' and Officers' Insurance
Boyer, M. Martin
Issue Date : 2003-07

Is the Demand for Corporate Insurance a Habit? Evidence of Organizational Inertia from Directors' and Officers' Insurance
Boyer, M. Martin
Issue Date : 2004-05

Is the Long-Run Performance of Cross-Listed Firms Anomalous?
Carpentier, Cécile; L'Her, Jean-François; Suret, Jean-Marc
Issue Date : 2007-11

Is there Any Dependence Between Consumer Credit Line Utilization and Default Probability on a Term Loan? Evidence from Bank-Level Data
Bergerès, Anne-Sophie; d'Astous, Philippe; Dionne, Georges
Issue Date : 2011-07

Is There Such Thing as Employment and Pay Equity for the Less Educated in Québec?
Legault, Marie-Josée
Issue Date : 2010-01

Is Workers' Compensation Disguised Unemployment Insurance?
Fortin, Bernard; Lanoie, Paul; Laporte, Christine
Issue Date : 1995-11

Iterated Strict Dominance in General Games
Chen, Yi-Chun; Long, Ngo Van; Luo, Xiao
Issue Date : 2007-02

Iterative and Recursive Estimation in Structural Non-Adaptive Models
Pastorello, Sergio; Patilea, Valentin; Renault, Éric
Issue Date : 2003-04

Itinérance et développement économique commmunautaire : Portrait de l'expérience torontoise
Tremblay, Jacques; Fontan, Jean-Marc
Issue Date : 1999

IT Outsourcing Risk Management at British Petroleum
Aubert, Benoit; Patry, Michel; Rivard, Suzanne; Smith, Heather
Issue Date : 2000-09

Jacques Rancière : subjectivation politique et critique de la démocratie consensuelle.
Breaugh, Martin; Coutu, Benoît
Issue Date : 2006-06

Jalons pour une histoire de la mesure de la science
Godin, Benoît; Ratel, Stéphane
Issue Date : 1999

Showing results 2682 to 2701 of 5632


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