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Portrait de la situation en matière de recherche scientifique pour l’économie sociale du Canada
Leblanc, Jérôme; Goulet-Cloutier, Catherine; Bouchard, Marie J. (dir.)
Issue Date : 2007-04

This paper presents the portrait of Montreal’s cultural social economy. It takes place within a reflection framework about the transformation of cultural policies, which have to take into account the role of citizens and of associations. We base ourselves on data coming from an exhaustive census of the Montreal Region’ social economy, completed with a sample survey. Using a nomenclature of activities developed by the Canada Chair on the social economy and compatible with the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), this study showed that more than 600 social economy establishments could be part of the field of culture and communications (60% of which in the stagecraft activities). With regards to the other sectors of the social economy, the cultural sector distinguishes itself by a particular employment structure, a complexity of the financial and organisational set-ups, an important geographical concentration and more personalized governance. Four typical forms of cultural social economy can be established from the data describing these organizations. In conclusion, we discuss the affirmations about substitution or complement between market and non market resources, which command the actual evolution of the cultural policies (towards patronage or gift and voluntary work).
Angers, Kathleen; Beauregard, Jean-Philippe; Goulet-Cloutier, Catherine; Leblanc, Jérôme; Bouchard, Marie J. (dir.)
Issue Date : 2008-09

Showing results 1 to 2 of 2


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