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International Emission Strategies under the Threat of a Sudden Jump in Damages
Nkuiya, Bruno
Issue Date : 2011-11

Certification as a Rationale for Voluntary Agreements
González, Patrick
Issue Date : 2011-11

On the Evolving Relationship between Corn and Oil Prices
Elmarzougui, Eskandar; Larue, Bruno
Issue Date : 2011-12

The Environmental Kuznets Curve: Tipping Points, Uncertainty and Weak Identification
Bernard, Jean-Thomas; Gavin, Michael; Khalaf, Lynda; Voia, Marcel
Issue Date : 2011-12

Les bénéfices et les coûts économiques de l'exploitation des gaz de shale au Québec
González, Patrick
Issue Date : 2012-02

Reducing Automobile Dependency on Campus: Evaluating the Impact TDM Using Stated Preferences
Barla, Philippe; Lapierre, Nathanaël; Alvarez Daziano, Ricardo; Herrmann, Markus
Issue Date : 2012-02

Are Compact Cities Environmentally (and Socially) Desirable?
Gaigné, Carl; Riou, Stéphane; Thisse, Jacques-François
Issue Date : 2012-03

Imposing Curvature Conditions on Flexible Functional Forms for GNP Functions
Chapda Nana, Guy; Larue, Bruno
Issue Date : 2012-05

Analyzing Trade Liberalization Effect in the Egg Sector Using a Dynamic Gravity Model
Tamini, Lota D.; Doyon, Maurice; Simon, Rodrigue
Issue Date : 2012-06

The Effects of the Length of the Period of Commitment on the Size of State International Environmental Agreements
Nkuiya, Bruno
Issue Date : 2012-08

Trade Structure, Transboundary Pollution and Multilateral Trade Liberalization: the Effects on Environmental Taxes and Welfare
Nkuiya, Bruno
Issue Date : 2012-10

Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Car Distance, Greenhouse Gases and the Effect of Built Environment: a Latent Class Regression Analysis
Zahabi, Seyed Amir H.; Miranda-Moreno, Luis; Patterson, Zachary; Barla, Philippe
Issue Date : 2013-01

Open Access to the Resource of Antibiotic Treatment Efficacy Subject to Bacterial Resistance
Nkuiya, Bruno; Herrmann, Markus
Issue Date : 2013-02

Innovation and Antibiotic Use within Antibiotic Classes: Market Incentives and Economic Instruments
Herrmann, Markus; Nkuiya, Bruno; Dussault, Anne-Renée
Issue Date : 2013-05

On the Number of Bidders and Auction Performance: when More Means Less
Larue, Bruno; Jeddy, Mohamed; Pouliot, Sébastien
Issue Date : 2013-08

Does Transparency Reduce Corruption?
Strimbu, Octavian; Gonzalez, Patrick
Issue Date : 2013-10

Taxing a Natural Resource with a Minimum Revenue Requirement
Gonzalez, Patrick
Issue Date : 2013-10

Production Cost Asymmetry, Minimum Access and Reciprocal Dumping
Abbassi, Abdessalem; Tamini, Lota D.; Dakhlaoui, Ahlem
Issue Date : 2013-12

Geographical Indication Regulation and Intra-Trade in the European Union
Sorgho, Zakaria; Larue, Bruno
Issue Date : 2014-01

Investment behavior of Canadian Egg Producers: Analyzing the Impacts of Risk Aversion and Variability of Prices and Costs of Production
Tamini, L.D.; Doyon, M.; Zan, M.M.
Issue Date : 2014-01

Showing results 1 to 20 of 32


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