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Title: La catégorisation socio-sémantique
Authors: Duchastel, Jules
Armony, Victor
Keywords: Textual Data Analysis
Political Discourse
Computer-Aided Analysis
communications et technologies de l'information
textes de méthodologie
Issue Date: 2001-08
Publisher: Chaire de recherche du Canada en Mondialisation, Citoyenneté et Démocratie
Series/Report no.: Publications de la Chaire MCD
Abstract: This paper describes some aspects of a socio-semantic categorization which has been applied to a large political discourse database. The authors discuss the idea of coding textual data before or during the process of analysis, referring to both the tradition of American content and qualitative analysis and French linguistic approaches to discourse. An empirical, paradigmatic, localized and sociologically-oriented categorization is proposed, and the example of the word « service(s) » in Canadian trade unions' discourse is presented.
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