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Title: Québec in North America : Québec and the Biotech Industry in North America
Authors: Gonzalez, Rolando
Issue Date: 2006-04
Publisher: Centre d'études et de recherches internationales
Series/Report no.: Rapports et notes de recherche du CERIUM
Abstract: What is the current state of the biotech industry in North America and how can we best understand Québec's place as one of the major clusters in this continental picture ? These are the central questions addressed by this note, along with an evaluation of the industry's sources of funding, the costs of its operations, and its prospects for a sustainable future. Québec has distinct advantages for this industry, including lower operating costs and a generous incentive programs. These advantages are not an absolute guarantee of sustainability, however, as other states or provinces offer increasingly competitive incentives and the greater availability of home-grown venture capital in the United States compared to Canada puts U.S.-located biotech firms at a competitive advantage.
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