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Les nanotechnologies: bénéfices et risques potentiels
Sinclair-Desgagné, Bernard; Feigenbaum, Dina; Nsamirizi, Albert
Issue Date : 2006-05

Les Nanotechnologies : leurs bénéfices et leurs risques potentiels
Feigenbaum, Dina; Nsamirizi, Albert; Sinclair-Desgagné, Bernard
Issue Date : 2004-09

Nash Implementable Liability Rules for Judgement-Proof Injurers
González, Patrick
Issue Date : 2004-11

NetSA : une architecture multiagent réutilisable pour les environnements riches en informations
Côté, Marc; Chaib-draa, Brahim; Troudi, Nader
Issue Date : 2002-07

A New Class of Stochastic Volatility Models with Jumps: Theory and Estimation
Chernov, Mikhail; Gallant, A. Ronald; Ghysels, Eric; Tauchen, George
Issue Date : 1999-11

A New Proof Of The Maximum Principle
Long, Ngo Van; Shimomura, Koji
Issue Date : 2002-01

News Arrival, Jump Dynamics and Volatility Components for Individual Stock Returns
Maheu, John M.; McCurdy, Thomas H.
Issue Date : 2003-06

Non-comparative versus Comparative Advertising of Quality
Emons, Winand; Fluet, Claude
Issue Date : 2011-12

Nonlinear Features of Realized FX Volatility
Maheu, John M.; McCurdy, Thomas H.
Issue Date : 2001-06

Nonlinearity and Temporal Dependence
Chen, Xiaohong; Hansen, Lars P.; Carrasco, Marine
Issue Date : 2009-05

A Nonparametric Copula Based Test for Conditional Independence with Applications to Granger Causality
Bouezmarni, Taoufik; Rombouts, Jeroen; Taamouti, Abderrahim
Issue Date : 2009-06

Nonparametric Estimation of American Options Exercise Boundaries and Call Prices
Broadie, Mark; Detemple, Jérôme B.; Ghysels, Eric; Torrès, Olivier
Issue Date : 1996-09

Nonparametric Methods and Option Pricing
Ghysels, Eric; Patilea, Valentin; Renault, Éric; Torrès, Olivier
Issue Date : 1997-04

Non-Renewable Resource Supply: Substitution Effect, Compensation Effect, and All That
Daubanes, Julien; Lasserre, Pierre
Issue Date : 2012-10

Non-Smooth Sustainable Development With Overshooting
Benchekroun, Hassan; Katayama, Seiichi; Long, Ngo Van
Issue Date : 2006-11

Non-Traded Asset Valuation with Portfolio Constraints: A Binomial Approach
Detemple, Jérôme B.; Sundaresan, Suresh
Issue Date : 1999-03

A Note on Hedging in ARCH and Stochastic Volatility Option Pricing Models
Garcia, René; Renault, Éric
Issue Date : 1997-04

A Note on Monitoring Daily Economic Activity Via Electronic Transaction Data
Galbraith, John; Tkacz, Greg
Issue Date : 2009-05

A Note on Remittances in El Salvador and Ecuador: An Analysis of Household Survey Data
Clayton, Jessica Audrey; Warin, Thierry
Issue Date : 2010-03

No unbiased Estimator of the Variance of K-Fold Cross-Validation
Bengio, Yoshua; Grandvalet, Yves
Issue Date : 2003-05

Showing results 666 to 685 of 1074


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