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Macro Surprises And Short-Term Behaviour In Bond Futures
Durenard, Eugene; Veredas, David
Issue Date : 2002-01

Major Choices : Undergraduate Concentrations and the Probability of Graduation
Cannings, Kathy; Mahseredjian, Sophie; Montmarquette, Claude
Issue Date : 1994-10

Male-Female Productivity Differentials: The Role of Ability and Incentives
Paarsch, Harry J.; Shearer, Bruce S.
Issue Date : 2004-05

Managerial Career Success in Canadian Organizations: Is Gender a Determinant?
Chênevert, Denis; Tremblay, Michel
Issue Date : 1998-03

Managing IT Outsourcing Risk: Lessons Learned
Aubert, Benoit; Patry, Michel; Rivard, Suzanne
Issue Date : 2001-05

Managing the Risk of IT Outsourcing
Aubert, Benoit; Dussault, Sylvie; Patry, Michel; Rivard, Suzanne
Issue Date : 1998-06

Manifeste pour une social-démocratie concurrentielle
Boyer, Marcel
Issue Date : 2009-04

Manifesto for a Competitive Social Democracy
Boyer, Marcel
Issue Date : 2009-04

Manifold Parzen Windows
Bengio, Yoshua; Vincent, Pascal
Issue Date : 2004-05

Les marchés de la finance entrepreneuriale et du capital de risque
Suret, Jean-Marc
Issue Date : 2011-01

Marginal Likelihood for Markov-Switching and Change-Point Garch Models
Bauwens, Luc; Dufays, Arnaud; Rombouts, Jeroen
Issue Date : 2011-11

The Market for Reinsurance
Boyer, M. Martin; Dupont-Courtade, Théodora
Issue Date : 2013-03

Market Incompleteness and the Equity Premium Puzzle: Evidence from State-Level Data
Jacobs, Kris; Pallage, Stephane; Robe, Michel A.
Issue Date : 2004-11

Market Time and Asset Price Movements Theory and Estimation
Ghysels, Eric; Gouriéroux, Christian; Jasiak, Joanna
Issue Date : 1995-06

Markovian Processes, Two-Sided Autoregressions and Finite-Sample Inference for Stationary and Nonstationary Autoregressive Processes
Dufour, Jean-Marie; Torrès, Olivier
Issue Date : 2000-05

Markov Perfect Nash Equilibria in a Class of Resource Games
Sorger, Gerhard
Issue Date : 1996-04

Marriage Market, Divorce Legislation and Household Labor Supply
Chiappori, Pierre-André; Fortin, Bernard; Lacroix, Guy
Issue Date : 2001-03

Matching, Human Capital, and the Covariance Structure of Earnings
Parent, Daniel
Issue Date : 1995-04

Maximal Decompositions of Cost Games into Specific and Joint Costs
Moreaux, Michel; Truchon, Michel
Issue Date : 2002-05

Maximum Likelihood and the Bootstrap for Nonlinear Dynamic Models
Gonçalves, Sílvia; White, Halbert
Issue Date : 2002-04

Showing results 596 to 615 of 1074


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