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On the Usefulness of Tax Incentives for Business Angels and SME Owners: An Empirical Analysis
Carpentier, Cécile; Suret, Jean-Marc
Issue Date : 2005-03

On the Use of Hierarchies to Complete Contracts when Players Have Limited Abilities
Boyer, M. Martin
Issue Date : 2004-08

Opportunity Costs, Competition, and Firm Selection
Atallah, Gamal
Issue Date : 2002-07

Optimal Justice in a General Equilibrium Model with Non Observable Individual Productivities
Lasserre, Pierre; Soubeyran, Antoine
Issue Date : 1999-10

Optimal Tariffs on Exhaustible Resources: The Case of Quantity Setting
Fujiwara, Kenji; Long, Ngo Van
Issue Date : 2012-01

Optimal Trading Mechanisms with Ex Ante Unidentified Traders
Lu, Hu; Robert, Jacques
Issue Date : 1997-06

Optimum Commodity Taxation with a Non-Renewable Resource
Daubanes, Julien; Lasserre, Pierre
Issue Date : 2011-01

Optimum Commodity Taxation with a Non-Renewable Resource
Daubanes, Julien; Lasserre, Pierre
Issue Date : 2012-02

Option-Implied Measures of Equity Risk
Chang, Bo-Young; Christoffersen, Peter; Jacobs, Kris; Vainberg, Gregory
Issue Date : 2009-08

Option Pricing with Asymmetric Heteroskedastic Normal Mixture Models
Rombouts, Jeroen; Stentoft, Lars Peter
Issue Date : 2010-09

Option Valuation with Conditional Heteroskedasticity and Non-Normality
Christoffersen, Peter; Elkamhi, Redouane; Feunou, Bruno; Jacobs, Kris
Issue Date : 2009-08

Option Valuation with Conditional Skewness
Christoffersen, Peter; Heston, Steve; Jacobs, Kris
Issue Date : 2003-08

Option Valuation with Long-run and Short-run Volatility Components
Christoffersen, Peter; Jacobs, Kris; Wang, Yintian
Issue Date : 2004-11

Organizational and Individual Determinants of Atypical Employment: The Case of Multiple Jobholding and Self-Employment
Guay, Philippe; Simard, Gilles; Tremblay, Michel
Issue Date : 2000-07

Organizational Design of R&D Activities
Ambec, Stefan; Poitevin, Michel
Issue Date : 2001-05

Organizational Redesign, Information Technologies and Workplace Productivity
Dostie, Benoit; Jayaraman, Rajshri
Issue Date : 2008-08

Organize to Generate Innovation: Tools to Measure Technical Change, Productivity and Change-Generating Efforts
Tremblay, Pierre J.
Issue Date : 1998-03

Output and Wages with Inequality Averse Agents
Demougin, Dominique; Fluet, Claude; Helm, Carsten
Issue Date : 2004-09

Overbidding in Independant Private-Values Auctions and Misperception of Probabilities
Armantier, Olivier; Treich, Nicolas
Issue Date : 2006-08

Overcoming Natural Resource Constraints Through R&D
Amigues, Jean-Pierre; Long, Ngo Van; Moreaux, Michel
Issue Date : 2004-03

Showing results 706 to 725 of 1074


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