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Nouvelle économie, nouvelle organisation et technologies de l'information
Rivard, Suzanne
Issue Date : 2000-03

Nowcasting GDP: Electronic Payments, Data Vintages and the Timing of Data Releases
Galbraith, John; Tkacz, Greg
Issue Date : 2013-08

Observability, Commitment and Flexibility
Boyer, Marcel; Jacques, Armel; Moreaux, Michel
Issue Date : 1998-11

Observation, Flexibilité et Structures Technologiques des Industries
Boyer, Marcel; Jacques, Armel; Moreaux, Michel
Issue Date : 2002-02

Observing the Strategies Subjects Identify from Choice Data in a Repeated Prisoner's Dilemma
Cusson, Tobie; Engle-Warnick, Jim
Issue Date : 2013-08

Les obstacles à l'innovation dans les industries de services au Canada
Mohnen, Pierre; Rosa, Julio
Issue Date : 2000-04

Occupational Gender Composition and Wages in Canada: 1987-1988
Baker, Michael; Fortin, Nicole M.
Issue Date : 2000-10

Occupational Gender Segregation and Women's Wages in Canada: An Historical Perspective
Fortin, Nicole M.; Huberman, Michael
Issue Date : 2002-03

On Loss Functions and Ranking Forecasting Performances of Multivariate Volatility Models
Laurent, Sébastien; Rombouts, Jeroen; Violente, Francesco
Issue Date : 2009-11

On Out-of-Sample Statistics for Time-Series
Bengio, Yoshua; Gingras, François; Nadeau, Claude
Issue Date : 2002-05

On Periodic Autogressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity
Bollerslev, Tim; Ghysels, Eric
Issue Date : 1994-09

On Periodic Structures and Testing for Seasonal Unit Roots
Ghysels, Eric; Hall, Alastair; Lee, Hahn Shik
Issue Date : 1995-03

On Portfolio Choice, Liquidity, and Short Selling: A Nonparametric Investigation
Ghysels, Eric; Pereira, João
Issue Date : 2003-05

On Stable Factor Structures in the Pricing of Risk
Ghysels, Eric
Issue Date : 1995-03

On the Distribution of the Residual Cross-Correlations between Two Uncorrelated Infinite Order Vector Autoregressive Series
Bouhaddioui, Chafik; Roy, Roch
Issue Date : 2003-06

On the Dynamic Specification of International Asset Pricing Models
Garcia, René; Ghysels, Eric; Kichian, Maral
Issue Date : 1995-09

On the Efficient Use of the Informational Content of Estimating Equations: Implied Probabilities and Euclidean Empirical Likelihood
Bonnal, Hélène; Renault, Éric
Issue Date : 2004-05

On the Elasticity of Effort for Piece Rates: Evidence from the British Columbia Tree-Planting Industry
Paarsch, Harry J.; Shearer, Bruce S.
Issue Date : 1997-01

On the Mediational Role of Feelings of Self-Determination in the Workplace: Further Evidence and Generalization
Blais, Marc R.; Brière, Nathalie M.
Issue Date : 2002-04

On the Relationship Between Financial Status and Investment in Technological Flexibility
Boyer, Marcel; Jacques, Armel; Moreaux, Michel
Issue Date : 2002-02

Showing results 686 to 705 of 1074


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