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When You've Seen One Financial Crisis
van Norden, Simon
Issue Date : 2009-09

Which Volatility Model for Option Valuation?
Christoffersen, Peter; Jacobs, Kris
Issue Date : 2002-04

Who Gets the Last Word? An Experimental Study of the Effect of a Peer Review Process on the Expression of Social Norms
Engle-Warnick, Jim; Leibbrandt, Andreas
Issue Date : 2006-08

Who hires foreign domestic workers? Evidence from Lebanon
Fakih, Ali; Marrouch, Walid
Issue Date : 2013-09

Why didn't the Global Financial Crisis hit Latin America?
Boonman, Tjeerd M.; Jacobs, Jan P. A. M.; Kuper, Gerard H.
Issue Date : 2011-10

Why Do Experimental Subjects Choose an Equilibrium which Is Neither Payoff Nor Risk Dominant?
Keser, Claudia; Vogt, Bodo
Issue Date : 2000-09

Why Firms Outsource Their Human Resources Activities: An Empirical Analysis
Lacombe, Michelle; Lanoie, Paul; Patry, Michel; Tremblay, Michel
Issue Date : 1999-01

Why Is the Bid Price Greater than the Ask? Price Discovery during the Nasdaq Pre-Opening
Cao, Charles; Ghysels, Eric; Hatheway, Frank
Issue Date : 1998-05

Willingness to Pay to Reduce Future Risk
Engle-Warnick, Jim; Héroux, Julie; Montmarquette, Claude
Issue Date : 2009-08

Women's Wages in Women's Work: A US/Canada Comparison of the Roles of Unions and Public Goods Sector Jobs
Baker, Michael; Fortin, Nicole M.
Issue Date : 1999-01

Work Absenteeism Due to a Chronic Disease
Lacroix, Guy; Brouard, Marie-Ève
Issue Date : 2011-03

Working Hours of the World Unite? New International Evidence on Worktime, 1870-1900
Huberman, Michael
Issue Date : 2002-09

Work Sharing and Productivity : Evidence from a Natural Experiment
Lanoie, Paul; Raymond, François; Shearer, Bruce S.
Issue Date : 1996-01

Worksharing in Québec: Five Case Studies
Huberman, Michael; Lanoie, Paul
Issue Date : 1998-03

Showing results 1061 to 1074 of 1074


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