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Towards the Measurement of Process Integration
Aubert, Benoit; Vandenbosch, Betty; Mignerat, Muriel
Issue Date : 2003-02

Towards What Kind of `Social Europe`?
Mahon, Rianne
Issue Date : 2001

Toxicomanie et mineurs judiciarisés : recension des écrits
Schneeberger, Pascal; Brochu, Serge; Dion, Marjolaine
Issue Date : 1995

Toxicomanie, "mobilité dangereuse" et vie de quartier
Perrault, Marc
Issue Date : 1999

Traces et mémoire des explorateurs
Laberge, Alain
Issue Date : 2008

Trade and the (Dis)Incentive to Reform Labor Markets: The Case of Reform in the European Union
Alessandria, George; Delacroix, Alain
Issue Date : 2007-10

Trade and the External Wealth of Nations
Lemelin, André
Issue Date : 2008-07

Trade, Competition, and Efficiency
Behrens, Kristian; Murata, Yasusada
Issue Date : 2011-07

Trade, Competition, and Efficiency
Behrens, Kristian; Murata, Yasusada
Issue Date : 2009-09

Trade Costs and International Strategy of Firms: the Role of Endogenous Product Differentiation
Blanchard, Pierre; Gaigné, Carl; Mathieu, Claude
Issue Date : 2012-02

Trade Crisis ? What Trade Crisis ?
Behrens, Kristian; Corcos, Gregory; Mion, Giordano
Issue Date : 2011-07

Trade Liberalisation, Growth and Poverty in Senegal: a Dynamic Microsimulation CGE Model Analysis
Annabi, Nabil; Cissé, Fatou; Cockburn, John; Decaluwé, Bernard
Issue Date : 2005-05

Trade liberalization and the profitability of domestic mergers
Gaudet, Gérard; Kanouni, Rams
Issue Date : 2001

Trade Policy and and Political Legitimacy in the European Policy
Meunier, Sophie
Issue Date : 2002-03

Trade Reform and Poverty in the Philippines: a Computable General Equilibrium Microsimulation Analysis
Cororaton, Caesar B.; Cockburn, John
Issue Date : 2005-05

Trade Structure, Transboundary Pollution and Multilateral Trade Liberalization: the Effects on Environmental Taxes and Welfare
Nkuiya, Bruno
Issue Date : 2012-10

Trade, Wages, and Productivity
Behrens, Kristian; Mion, Giordano; Murata, Yasusada; Südekum, Jens
Issue Date : 2008-09

Trading Patterns, Time Deformation and Stochastic Volatility in Foreign Exchange Markets
Ghysels, Eric; Gouriéroux, Christian; Jasiak, Joanna
Issue Date : 1995-10

La traduction du nouveau Code civil néerlandais en anglais et en français
Mackaay, Ejan
Issue Date : 2005

Training Businesses in Quebec
Dolbel, Carol
Issue Date : 2009-06

Showing results 5295 to 5314 of 5632


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