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Species Preservation and Biodiversity Value: A Real Options Approach
Kassar, Ilhem; Lasserre, Pierre
Issue Date : 2002-09

Specific Investment, Absence of Commitment and Observability
González, Patrick
Issue Date : 1999-02

Spectral Clustering and Kernel PCA are Learning Eigenfunctions
Bengio, Yoshua; Vincent, Pascal; Paiement, Jean-François
Issue Date : 2003-05

Spectral Dimensionality Reduction
Bengio, Yoshua; Delalleau, Olivier; Le Roux, Nicolas; Paiement, Jean-François; Vincent, Pascal; Ouimet, Marie
Issue Date : 2004-05

Spies, Lies and Intellectual Property Rights / Espions, mensonges et droits de propriété intellectuelle
Lutz, John
Issue Date : 2020-01-15

Splitting an Uncertain (Natural) Capital
Laurent-Lucchetti, Jérémy; Leroux, Justin; Sinclair-Desgagné, Bernard
Issue Date : 2011-02

Spring 1975 - 1975 Printemps
Issue Date : 2020-02-12

SSFC Lobbying Activities
Issue Date : 2020-02-11

SSHRC Cuts Off Funding to Private Scholars
Issue Date : 2020-02-11

SSHRC Transformation
Carter, Sarah
Issue Date : 2020-01-28

La stabilité des couples en union libre avec enfants : Le Québec se distingue-t-il des autres provinces canadiennes ? Conférence "Familles canadiennes sous tension ?", Montréal, 19 mai 2005
Beaupré, Pascal; Turcotte, Pierre
Issue Date : 2005-05

A statement of teaching philosophy
Beatty, David
Issue Date : 2020-01-31

States, security function and the new global forces
Paul, T. V.
Issue Date : 2001

Static Versus Dynamic Structural Models of Depression: The Case of the CES-D
Blais, Marc R.; Hess, Ursula; Riddle, Andrea S.
Issue Date : 2002-04

Statistical Comparison of Aggregation Rules for Votes
Truchon, Michel; Gordon, Stephen
Issue Date : 2006-06

Statistical Power of within and Between-subjects Designs in Economic Experiments
Bellemare, Charles; Bissonnette, Luc; Kröger, Sabine
Issue Date : 2014-11

Stem Cells in a Pluralistic Society: Consequences of Proposed Canadian Legislation
Wertz, Dorothy C.; Régnier, Marie-Hélène; Knoppers, Bartha Maria
Issue Date : 2003

Stochastic Gradient Descent on a Portfolio Management Training Criterion Using the IPA Gradient Estimator
Dorion, Christian; Bengio, Yoshua
Issue Date : 2003-05

Stochastic Volatility
Ghysels, Eric; Harvey, Andrew; Renault, Éric
Issue Date : 1995-11

Stochastic Volatility and Time Deformation: An Application to Trading Volume and Leverage Effects
Ghysels, Eric; Jasiak, Joanna
Issue Date : 1995-06

Showing results 5078 to 5097 of 5619


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