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Hope against Hope: Persistent Canadian Unions in the Interwar Years
Huberman, Michael; Young, Denise
Issue Date : 2000-09

Horizon Effect in the Term Structure of Long-Run Risk-Return Trade-Offs
Okou, Cédric; Jacquier, Éric
Issue Date : 2014-07

Household Allocations and Endogenous Information
de Laat, Joost
Issue Date : 2008-09

Household Incidence of Pollution Control Policies: a Robust Welfare Analysis Using General Equilibrium Effects
Araar, Abdelkrim; Dissou, Yazid; Duclos, Jean-Yves
Issue Date : 2008-06

How and Why do Investors Trade Votes, and What Does it Mean?
Christoffersen, Susan E. K.; Geczy, Christopher C.; Musto, David K.; Reed, Adam V.
Issue Date : 2004-05

How Cenral Banks Learn the True Model of the Economy
Ravenna, Federico
Issue Date : 2014-03

How cost-effective are Canadian IPO markets?
Suret, Jean-Marc; Kooli, Maher
Issue Date : 2002-10

How Did Ontario Pulp and Paper Producers Respond to Effluent Regulations, 1985-89?
Fearnley, Joan; Lanoie, Paul; Thomas, Mark
Issue Date : 1996-10

How do Canadians celebrate and commemorate our past?
Hayday, Matthew
Issue Date : 2020-01-08

How Do Firms Hedge Risks? Empirical Evidence from U.S Oil and Gas Producers
Mnasri, Mohamed; Dionne, Geoges; Gueyie, Jean-Pierre
Issue Date : 2013-04

How Do Young People Choose College Majors ?
Cannings, Kathy; Mahseredjian, Sophie; Montmarquette, Claude
Issue Date : 1997-11

How Falsifiable is the Collective Model? a New Test with an Application to Monogamous and Bigamous Households in Burkina Faso
Dauphin, Anyck; Fortin, Bernard; Lacroix, Guy
Issue Date : 2015-04

How important are intergenerational transfers of time : A macroeconomic analysis
Cardia, Emanuela; Ng, Serena
Issue Date : 2000

How Innovative Are Canadian Firms Compared to Some European Firms? A Comparative Look at Innovation Surveys
Mohnen, Pierre; Therrien, Pierre
Issue Date : 2001-09

How Large is Your Reference Group
Gardes, François; Montmarquette, Claude
Issue Date : 2002-11

Human Capital Investment by the Poor: Informing Policy with Laboratory and Field Experiments
Eckel, Catherine; Johnson, Cathleen; Montmarquette, Claude
Issue Date : 2010-08

Human development as a predictor of the 'healthy immigrant effect': Evidence from the National Population Health Survey. Conference for New Researchers, McGill University, february 2007
Hawes, Robert
Issue Date : 2007-02

Humanitarian Relief and Civil Conflict
Blouin, Max; Pallage, Stéphane
Issue Date : 2007-03

The Hybrid Multidimensional Index of Inequality
Araar, Abdelkrim
Issue Date : 2009-10

Hypergame Analysis in E-Commerce: A Preliminary Report
Leclerc, Maxime; Chaib-draa, Brahim
Issue Date : 2002-07

Showing results 2363 to 2382 of 5624


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