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Choice or Mimetism in the Decision to Migrate? A European Illustration
Warin, Thierry; Blakely, Andrew
Issue Date : 2009-08

Corporate Reputation and Social Media: A Game Theory Approach
Warin, Thierry; de Marcellis-Warin, Nathalie; Sanger, William; Nembot, Bertrand; Hosseinali Mirza, Venus
Issue Date : 2013-07

Un état des lieux sur le commerce international des déchets
Bernard, Sophie; Claire, Arthur; Vergne, Guillaume; Warin, Thierry
Issue Date : 2014-10

Un état des lieux sur les données massives
Warin, Thierry; de Marcellis-Warin, Nathalie; Troadec, Antoine; Sanger, William; Nembot, Bertrand
Issue Date : 2014-06

The Euro at 10: Successes and Challenges
Warin, Thierry
Issue Date : 2009-05

A Note on Remittances in El Salvador and Ecuador: An Analysis of Household Survey Data
Clayton, Jessica Audrey; Warin, Thierry
Issue Date : 2010-03

Patterns of Specialization and (Un)conditional Convergence: The Cases of Brazil, China and India
Hadengue, Marine; Warin, Thierry
Issue Date : 2013-06

Systemic Risk in the Financial Industry: Mimetism for the Best and for the Worst
Warin, Thierry; Prasch, Robert E.
Issue Date : 2013-08

Showing results 1 to 8 of 8


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