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Building blocks for a new welfare architecture : From Ford to LEGO
Jenson, Jane; Saint-Martin, Denis
Issue Date : 2002

Le droit, ressource politique des minorités sociales. Marqueur identitaire ou vecteur de la citoyenneté ?
Jenson, Jane
Issue Date : 2006-03-14

Employment and Social Policy since Maastricht: Standing up to Monetary Union
Jenson, Jane; Pochet, Philippe
Issue Date : 2002

Fostering social cohesion : A comparison of new policy strategies
Jenson, Jane; Bernard, Paul; Dobrowolsky, Alexandra; Dufour, Pascale; Saint-Martin, Denis; White, Deena
Issue Date : 1999

Governance and Citizenship in the European Union: What is the White Paper on Governance Suggesting about Citizenship?
Jenson, Jane
Issue Date : 2002

Showing results 1 to 5 of 5


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