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Les coûts de la réglementation : une revue de la littérature
Gagné, Robert; Lanoie, Paul; Michaud, Pierre-Carl; Patry, Michel
Issue Date : 2001-10

Determinants of Insurers' Performance in Risk Pooling, Risk Management, and Financial Intermediation Activities
Dionne, Georges; Gagné, Robert; Nouira, Abdelhakim
Issue Date : 2007-05

Determinants of Physicians' Decisions to Specialize
Gagné, Robert; Léger, Pierre Thomas
Issue Date : 2003-03

Do CEOs Exercise Their Stock Options Earlier than Other Executives?
André, Paul; Boyer, M. Martin; Gagné, Robert
Issue Date : 2002-07

Efficiency of Insurance Firms with Endogenous Risk Management and Financial Intermediation Activities
Cummins, J. David; Dionne, Georges; Gagné, Robert; Nouira, Abdelhakim
Issue Date : 2006-05

Living on a Noisy and Dusty Street: Implications for Environmental Evaluation
Boules, Tagreed; Gagné, Robert; Lanoie, Paul
Issue Date : 1997-02

Taxpayers' Response to Tax Rate Changes: A Canadian Panel Study
Gagné, Robert; Nadeau, Jean-François; Vaillancourt, François
Issue Date : 2000-11

Testing Optimal Punishment Mechanisms Under Price Regulation: the Case of the Retail Market for Gasoline
Gagné, Robert; van Norden, Simon; Versaevel, Bruno
Issue Date : 2003-09

Showing results 1 to 8 of 8


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