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Chronic and Transient Poverty: Measurement and Estimation, with Evidence from China
Duclos, Jean-Yves; Araar, Abdelkrim; Giles, John
Issue Date : 2006-04

Comparison of the Tax System Progressivity Over Time: Theory and Application with Mexican Data
Araar, Abdelkrim; Huesca, Luis
Issue Date : 2014-06

Expected Poverty Changes with Economic Growth and Redistribution
Araar, Abdelkrim
Issue Date : 2012-04

Household Incidence of Pollution Control Policies: a Robust Welfare Analysis Using General Equilibrium Effects
Araar, Abdelkrim; Dissou, Yazid; Duclos, Jean-Yves
Issue Date : 2008-06

The Hybrid Multidimensional Index of Inequality
Araar, Abdelkrim
Issue Date : 2009-10

Mobility, Taxation and Welfare
Bibi, Sami; Duclos, Jean-Yves; Araar, Abdelkrim
Issue Date : 2011-06

Mobility,Taxation and Welfare
Bibi, Sami; Duclos, Jean-Yves; Araar, Abdelkrim
Issue Date : 2013-06

Multidimensional Poverty Targeting
Duclos, Jean-Yves; Tiberti, Luca; Araar, Abdelkrim
Issue Date : 2013-10

On the Decomposition of Polarization Indices: Illustrations with Chinese and Nigerian Household Surveys
Araar, Abdelkrim
Issue Date : 2008-05

On the Decomposition of the Gini Coefficient: an Exact Approach, with an Illustration Using Cameroonian Data
Araar, Abdelkrim
Issue Date : 2006-01

Poverty and Inequality Components: a Micro Framework
Araar, Abdelkrim; Duclos, Jean-Yves
Issue Date : 2007-10

Poverty and Inequality Nexus: Illustrations with Nigerian Data
Araar, Abdelkrim; Taiwo Timothy, Awoyemi
Issue Date : 2006-11

Poverty, Inequality and Stochastic Dominance, Theory and Practice: Illustration with Burkina Faso Surveys
Araar, Abdelkrim
Issue Date : 2006-10

Progressivity of Taxes and Transfers: the Mexican Case 2012
Huesca, Luis; Araar, Abdelkrim
Issue Date : 2014-02

Pro-Poor Growth in Andean Countries
Araar, Abdelkrim
Issue Date : 2012-06

Pro-Poor Tax Reforms, with an Application to Mexico
Duclos, Jean-Yves; Makdissi, Paul; Araar, Abdelkrim
Issue Date : 2010-01

Social Classes, Inequality and Redistributive Policies in Canada
Araar, Abdelkrim
Issue Date : 2008

Testing for Pro-Poorness of Growth, with an Application to Mexico
Araar, Abdelkrim; Duclos, Jean-Yves; Audet, Mathieu; Makdissi, Paul
Issue Date : 2007-03

Showing results 1 to 18 of 18


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