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Snow Removal Auctions in Montreal: Costs, Informational Rents, and Procurement Management
Flambard, Véronique; Lasserre, Pierre; Mohnen, Pierre
Issue Date : 2004-12

Sources of Productivity Growth: Technology, Terms of Trade, and Preference Shifts
Mohnen, Pierre; Raa, Thijs Ten
Issue Date : 1999-06

Tax Incentives: Issue and Evidence
Mohnen, Pierre
Issue Date : 1999-10

Towards an Innovation Intensity Index: The Case of CIS 1 in Denmark and Ireland
Dagenais, Marcel; Mohnen, Pierre
Issue Date : 2000-06

Using Innovation Surveys for Econometric Analysis
Mairesse, Jacques; Mohnen, Pierre
Issue Date : 2010-04

What Does it Take for an R&D Tax Incentive Policy to Be Effective?
Mohnen, Pierre; Lokshin, Boris
Issue Date : 2009-04

What Type Of Enterprise Forges Close Links With Universities And Government Labs? Evidence From CIS 2
Hoareau, Cathy; Mohnen, Pierre
Issue Date : 2002-03

Showing results 32 to 38 of 38


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