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Asset Value Constraints in Models of Incomplete Factor Taxation
Arseneau, David M.; Chugh, Sanjay K.; Kurmann, André
Issue Date : 2009-11

The Business Cycle Implications of Reciprocity in Labor Relations
Danthine, Jean-Pierre; Kurmann, André
Issue Date : 2007-11

The Great Increase in Relative Volatility of Real Wages in the United States
Champagne, Julien; Kurmann, André
Issue Date : 2010-02

Holdups and Overinvestment in Physical Capital Markets
Kurmann, André
Issue Date : 2009-01

News Shocks and the Slope of the Term Structure of Interest Rates
Kurmann, André; Otrok, Christopher
Issue Date : 2010-02

Reciprocity in Labor Relations: Evidence from a Field Experiment with Long-Term Relationships
Chemin, Matthieu; DeLaat, Joost; Kurmann, André
Issue Date : 2011-09

Search Frictions in Physical Capital Markets as a Propagation Mechanism
Kurmann, André; Petrosky-Nadeau, Nicolas
Issue Date : 2007-05

Showing results 1 to 7 of 7


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