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Humanitarian Relief and Civil Conflict
Blouin, Max; Pallage, Stéphane
Issue Date : 2007-03

Measuring Unemployment Insurance Generosity
Pallage, Stéphane; Scruggs, Lyle; Zimmermann, Christian
Issue Date : 2009-06

On the Mechanics of Trade-Induced Structural Transformation
Dessy, Sylvain; Mbiekop, Flaubert; Pallage, Stéphane
Issue Date : 2005-10

The Political Economy of Social Inclusion
Dessy, Sylvain; Pallage, Stéphane; Vencatachellum, Désiré
Issue Date : 2012-01

Universal Basic Income versus Unemployment Insurance
Fabre, Alice; Pallage, Stéphane; Zimmermann, Christian
Issue Date : 2014-11

Warlords, Famine and Food Aid: Who fights, Who Starves?
Blouin, Max; Pallage, Stéphane
Issue Date : 2009-11

The Welfare Costs of Macroeconomic Fluctuations under Incomplete Markets: Evidence from State-Level Consumption Data
Jacobs, Kris; Pallage, Stéphane; Robe, Michel A.
Issue Date : 2005-07

Showing results 4 to 10 of 10


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